Album – I’m Dreaming – Audio CD



Scheduled for release the first week of March. Listen to free previews of select songs from the album below.

“I’m Dreaming” is an autobiographical album designed in the classic rock concept album. In a vulnerable way, it lays bare my journey, including joys and sorrows. The songs which recount troubled times always come back to perseverance, hope and optimism.


1. I Need a Horse 4:45 (Chris St John) BMI

2. I Called you Rose 3:21 (Chris St John) BMI

3. Your Baby Loves You 3:37 (Chris St John)

4. Pacific Sunrise 1:27 (Musical Interlude by Mike Lorello) BMI

5. Dreams are Free 3:03 (Chris St John) BMI

6. Two Tender Angels 4:59 (Chris St John) BMI

7. A Box for Jewels 4:26 (Chris St John) BMI

8. The Winds they Blow 3:59 (Chris St John) BMI

9. Looking at the Sky 3:03 (Chris St John) BMI

10. The Chance I Gave to You 4:28 (Chris St John) BMI

11. Peggy O’ 5:05 (Traditional) BMI

12. The Guests have Gone Home 2:28 (Chris St John) BMI

13. You Sang to Me 5:49 (Chris St John) BMI

14. Never Forget the Day/Walk Through the Forest 6:04 (Chris St John) BMI

15. I’d Send you My Heart 2:45 (Chris St John) BMI

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