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“I’m Dreaming” is an autobiographical album designed in the classic rock concept album. In a vulnerable way, it lays bare my journey, including joys and sorrows. The songs which recount troubled times always come back to perseverance, hope and optimism.

1. I Need a Horse 4:45 (Chris St John) BMI

2. I Called you Rose 3:21 (Chris St John) BMI

3. Your Baby Loves You 3:37 (Chris St John)

4. Pacific Sunrise 1:27 (Musical Interlude by Mike Lorello) BMI

5. Dreams are Free 3:03 (Chris St John) BMI

6. Two Tender Angels 4:59 (Chris St John) BMI

7. A Box for Jewels 4:26 (Chris St John) BMI

8. The Winds they Blow 3:59 (Chris St John) BMI

9. Looking at the Sky 3:03 (Chris St John) BMI

10. The Chance I Gave to You 4:28 (Chris St John) BMI

11. Peggy O’ 5:05 (Traditional) BMI

12. The Guests have Gone Home 2:28 (Chris St John) BMI

13. You Sang to Me 5:49 (Chris St John) BMI

14. Never Forget the Day/Walk Through the Forest 6:04 (Chris St John) BMI

15. I’d Send you My Heart 2:45 (Chris St John) BMI

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