Chris in the studio recording the album “I’m Dreaming.” Stay tuned for the full album release in February!
I'm Dreaming

“I’m Dreaming” is an autobiographical album designed in the classic rock concept album. In a vulnerable way, it lays bare my journey, including joys and sorrows. The songs which recount troubled times always come back to perseverance, hope and optimism.

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I Called You Rose

A love affair and break up with alcohol that has a happy ending.

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Ripple (Grateful Dead)

One of my favorite songs, beautifully written and performed by the Grateful Dead.

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Looking at the Sky

A spiritual song about loss, apparitions and premonitions, and looking to God for peace.

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The Guests Have Gone Home

A song I wrote on Christmas Day after my family had left and I was alone with my pregnant wife Elisabeth and our son John in the womb.

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